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The ideology:

Atmavikasa has now completed twelve years. This year is special in another way- This is Yogacharya Venkatesha’s 25th Year as a Yoga teacher. Being a professional Yoga teacher, and staying so needs a lot of courage, commitment and expansion.The TEP is a summary of wisdom we have acquired along the path of teaching.


The world has witnessed many Wonderful Yogis before and the huge responsibility of preserving the purity of their teachings rests with the new generation yoga teachers. Hence when we design a Teachers program, we try to uphold our responsibility with utmost care.


Before we proceed to the details of the Teachers Education Program, we would like you to spare a few minutes on this write-up and give it a serious thought. It helps you understand the way we work and also the ideology behind the TEP.


Having lived and taught in Mysore, the “Yoga Hub” of the world, it is both amusing and painful to see what a joke the teachers training programs have become now- a- days.


Twelve Years ago, Atmavikasa introduced the first ever Teachers training in Mysore .Here, certifying someone as a “teacher” implied motivating someone to walk the yogic path we have walked for years with dedication and discipline. It is the establishment of a pre-eminent relationship. We believe that being a “teacher” in the true sense, is a lifetime learning experience, and is an ongoing process.


Now there are hundreds of Teachers Training Programs available here. Running a TTP is considered as a successful business opportunity and every novice with apparently no or very little expertise is eager to start his very own teachers training.


We had no idea about what was happening till a lady walked into our shala asking if she could get a Teachers Certificate in five days time and “how much’ would it cost to get it. She was an absolute beginner and wanted to open her own shala in her country..All she wanted was a certificate!!!


No amount of explanation would convince her that becoming a teacher is not that easy. Infact, she showed  us some other certificates in different systems from some other schools.  She had already managed to get [buy] five of them and asked why we couldn’t do the same. when soooo many others would do it. She finally left the shala muttering angrily about it. God help her students if she opens a studio!


We were shocked. It also brought along a very painful realization. People have forgotten that, in order to be Yoga Teachers, they should first become good practitioners. It is impossible to teach what we don’t know!!!!


A further research on the current Mysore Yoga –scenario gave the horrible revelation that now, there are over a hundred places without standard or quality where one can simply buy a Teaching certificate.


When we started our first Teachers Training, little did we dream that, the phrase “teachers training” would get translated as “a mass, one-time money making, certificate selling business. . Sans standards”



This is not a healthy development… Atmavikasa discourages this approach to yoga. With such things happening, in another decade, there won't be any pure Yoga left.



Remember! How good a teacher one makes depends on how well they practice and not just where or which system they study or how many certificates they have. A true teacher of Yoga is primarily an honest and dedicated practitioner for life. DO NOT BELIEVE A TEACHER WHO SAYS THAT HE DOESN’T NEED ANY DISCIPLINE ANY MORE


With more than 60,000 hours of teaching experience over quarter a century, we safely guarantee that, no teachers training program can perform the miracle of “TRAINING”  a novice to become a good teacher in a few weeks matter how much you pay or where you get certified .


In the end of a good program, you should find some improvement in your practice, body, mind and confidence. At the least, you should get some clarity about your faults. If not, you just wasted your Time and Money and got yourself a useless bit of paper!!




The certificate is just a by-product.


However, practising intensely with an honest and dedicated teacher can unlimitedly inspire you to stay disciplined, dedicated and focussed in your practice. It will be a life changing experience to practice under the guidance of a teacher who has dedicated his/her life to yoga and is walking the path of infinite growth and expansion or ATMAVIKASA.

When we study the lives of exemplary Yogis and teachers who lived in the past, we can observe a very interesting fact- Excluding a few, most of them were common people by birth and had no exceptional talent. Neither did they have any extra portion of good fortune that made their achievements easy..


On the contrary, they indeed had everything against them.


But unlike many people, they did not yield to the difficulties. Instead, they maintained their sincerity, and integrity. They stayed through their problems and focussed on effort and continuous expansion.


And that made all the difference.


Great men became great by learning to recognize their faults, by courageously accepting their outcomes and by having the patience and consciousness to outgrow them. simply means that, unlike the popular belief,


 “Great Teachers were not born..... They were made”


The only good fortune such people ever had was the motivation from their teachers to choose the right direction and their inspiration to stay on that path patiently through the difficult times.


At Atmavikasa, we believe that every Yoga practitioner has the same great potential as those great ancient Yogis. All we intend is to motivate you to harness that potential through well-established traditional techniques, dedication, discipline and focus.


For us, Yoga is not just a "business", it is life.

We do not intend the T.E.P to become just another mediocre teachers training program. Instead, we intend to give you the right ingredients for practice and life.


The experience you gain during the program is will motivate you to become an honest teacher and a good Yogi; most importantly, it will simplify your life and enhances your health and inner strength.


It is sad but true that the phrase “Teachers Training” no longer means what it used to mean a decade ago.. However, we hope that the concept is not redundant. Hence, we are retaining the concept and discarding the phrase..we have decided to upgrade our programs and move on to the next dimension  We believe that there are still some dedicated, “old fashioned” practitioners left in this world and they still like to practice yoga the ancient way.


Atmavikasa Teachers Education Program is for such people. Hope you are one among them


IF YOU FIND OUR IDEOLOGY INTERESTING, PLEASE WRITE TO for more details about the program.



Important Dates:


-       Starts 17 June 2013: 5 weeks, 200 hrs*

- Starts 19 Aug 2013: 5 weeks, 200 hrs*




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